Author: Asmita Singh

Offense of Kidnapping and Abduction

Offences Despite the fact that Indian laws ban abduction and kidnapping, more than 100,000 kidnapping and abduction instances have been reported in India since 2005. People have continued to take advantage of youngsters’ vulnerable age to abduct, exploit, and force them to commit heinous deeds. Such offences are an affront to citizens’ rights and freedom,

Defamation laws in India

Offences As the definition of the word says, defamation is a hurt to a person’s reputation caused by a false statement. A man’s reputation is recognised as his property, and anyone who causes property damage is liable under the law; similarly, anyone who harms a person’s reputation is equally liable under the law. Section 499


The offense of robbery is broadly defined by statute in current American and English law. The most commonly used definitions are of two types. The first is based on older English common law, whereas the second is based on the American Law Institute’s Model Penal Code. Robbery and dacoity are all extremely similar concepts that