Feedback at Aaweg ngo internship

Name, University, Year

Rahul Roshan, 1st year, Institute of Law, Nirma University

Name of Organisation, City 

Aaweg Charitable Trust, New Delhi

Application Process with Contact details 

For applying to Aaweg Charitable Trust one has to send the cover letter with an updated resume at the office on I got my confirmation letter within a day. The process is very easy and for registration, you have to pay Rs. 451/- before joining.

Duration Of Internship

1 July 2021- 31 July 2021

How Did You Apply

I applied by filling the application form provided on the official website of the Aaweg trust and I sent my updated resume to the email Id.

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

Due to the pandemic situation, the internship was in online mode.

Main Tasks

The firm deals with a wide range of subjects and main tasks for interns, including research, legal opinion drafting, legal drafting, and research papers. Although the firm deals with a wide range of subjects, I majorly worked on legal briefs and various cases during the duration of the internship.

Work Environment

My internship was a wonderful and enriching experience for me, as I learned about topics not addressed in my course curriculum. The associates are friendly and eager to assist the interns. The working atmosphere motivates and encourages you to participate as much as possible in the work.

Good Things

Time Management skills

Better writing grip


Better speaking skills

Bad things 

I did not find anything bad about Aaweg. The only problem I found was that the work became too monotonous. Maybe they wanted to give us more practice to that particular topic per se, otherwise, it was an altogether good experience.


There is no stipend. This type of non-profit organisation that works for social welfare should be encouraged and promoted.

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