Internship at Law and justice Ministry

Law and Justice Ministry Internship program

The Legislative Department is very important in the development and running of any nation. The department works for the implementation of laws. The internship scheme under this department will allow students to learn more about legislature drafting.

Information about the internship

  1. Eligibility – All candidates who desire to become a part of this internship scheme will have final year law subject candidates from a reputed and registered institute.
  2. Duration – Under normal circumstance, the interns will stay in the project for four months. But under special circumstances, the internship can extend to around six months.
  3. Among the hundreds of applications, which the department receives, only 5 deserving students will be selected.
  4. The application lines remain open the entire year. But it is best to submit the application form once the department has released the final notification.
  5. Certificate – The department also does not pay any grant to the interns. They will only receive a certificate.
  6. How to apply – The application document must be uploaded on All applicants must upload their resume, along with the recommendation letter and NOC from college head.

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