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Name, College, Year of Study

Shanu Yadav, Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida, UP, 3rd Year

Organisation and Address


Application Process

I applied through Internshala.
One can directly apply by going their website and mailing their CV(s).

Duration and Timings

24 March , 2021 – 24 April, 2021
Timings were flexible.
One can do the work anytime but it needs to be completed within the provided time frame.

First Day Impression

First day all the details were made clear, our work was explained to us.

It was not as such because we interacted through chats only and that too very less because tasks were already given in the groups.
But the staff was good as they helped whenever requires or asked.

Main Task

I was working as Student Mentor with the organisation. My main tasks was to resolve the queries of students by answering their questions on the site.

An excel sheet was provided to me where all the questions/ doubts of students were uploaded and we need to choose from those questions and then answer them within the time frame.

The whole work was divided in 3 Tasks
As first tasks requires to answer 5 questions within 8 days
Second tasks requires to answer 20 questions within 14 days and then
Third tasks was to answer 10 questions in 8 days.


No accomodation due to online internship.


Working environment was very friendly and positive without any hectic schedules.

Good Things

Good things which I experienced was that I researched a lot regarding different fields and colleges and courses so now I had a brief idea about other courses, colleges and entrance exams as well rather only of legal field.

Bad Things

Nothing bad experience


Stipend was based on my rankings of answers which I gave on their website.
Our answers were given rankings by experts upon which our stipend was based.

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