Internship Experience at Sarthak Maggon Law Office, Jangpura

Internship Experience at Sarthak Maggon Law Office

Name, College, Year of study of the Student Intern


Name of the Organisation Where you Interned and its Full Address

Sarthak Maggon Law Office, Jangpura, New Delhi

Application Procedure

I applied through SMLO Website

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

Talking about first impressions, Mr. Maggon seemed to be a nice individual with values and ethics but later on proved to be exactly opposite of the same. He didn’t have basic etiquettes on how to deal with interns.

Also, many seniors smoked during the conference with their juniors/interns.

Main tasks

There are very few cases and work there. Interns were given the same work again and again.

Work environment

Toxic work environment. No punctuality and the time given to interns for meetings/conferences is not adhered to, wasting their time. 

Good Things & Bad Things

The experience was a bad one.

Key Takeaways from Personal Experience

There are way better offices and seniors out there who know how to teach and respect their juniors/interns.

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