Mucormycosis – a serious fungal infection among Covid-19 patients.

Mucormycosis also called the black fungus is a serious fungal infection developing among patients diagnosed with Covid-19 in India.

Patients are now supposed to be careful and look out for symptoms of black fungus, the infection of the oral cavity and subsequently spreading to the brain is the most common, it can also infect the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, and sinuses. The main cause for the occurrence of black fungus is the weakened immune system of a person, this way covid-19 patients because of their medicine intake and their health condition are prone to contracting the infection. 

IA 47-year-old man with mucormycosis and electron micro-graph of his skin showing sporangia of Mucorales fungi. Source: Wikipedia

Mucormycosis does not spread among people; it is caused by the inhalation of spores in the environment. There is no way that a person does not encounter a fungal activity taking place in the environment, but a person should ensure to stay away from dust, soil, and infected water. 

Mucormycosis has to be detected in the early stage and treated, most of the time it requires surgery. A report regarding this on BBC said that people are arriving at the doctor when they are already losing vision and the eye has to be removed to stop the infection from reaching the brain. In some cases, people have lost both their eyes and in some cases, the jaw bone had to be removed to stop the infection from spreading.

Symptoms include pain and redness around the eyes which includes blurred or double vision with pain, toothache, bleeding through the nose, fever, headache, coughing, shortness of breath, and bloody vomits, and altered mental state of a person can also be seen. People feeling any of the above symptoms should not hesitate from seeking medical help as soon as possible, this would help them diagnose the issue and necessary treatment can be started quickly. 

This issue has to be taken into serious consideration keeping in mind the growing number of cases in India and how easily people can come into contact with the fungus. People have to be careful and should always try to keep themselves away from it. 

The government should take measures to curb the spreading of covid-19 as this is leading to a large number of fatalities, the side effects caused by certain medicines used in the treatment have to be monitored and necessary actions should be put into place. 

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Only the government cannot be held responsible in this regard. The citizens are also supposed to care for themselves and the people around them by following the standard operating procedure specified by their respective states. 

The supply of vaccines to every state has to be monitored and should be rolled out soon to vaccinate every citizen, even though people vaccinated are contracting covid-19 studies show that the severity is very less compared to an unvaccinated person. But vaccinated people are acting as carriers of the virus and this can stop only when most of the people are vaccinated. 

serious fungal infection among Covid-19 patients

These are only among the few after-effects of covid-19 that we know of, there can be many other complications involved that might affect us in the future. Constant monitoring and getting check-ups from time to time will help in diagnosing any other complications which might occur in the future. The health infrastructure in our country has to be boosted and it should be made available to every person residing in the country rich or poor. Maintaining proper sanitation and providing good drinking water facilities have been a long-awaited development in India and this has to be done as soon as possible. Maintaining hygiene is an important factor to overcome some of the problems we have been facing as a whole country even before the pandemic. 

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