NGO is An important game changer

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NGO is An important game changer. As we all are aware of the on going pandemic , we are all said to stay at home and take good care of  health of ourselves as well as of our family. NGOs the nongovernmental organizations is playing an important role. They are trying their best to reach out to the people in need.

Before the pandemic, NGOs have been working relentlessly on the ground and providing services to vulnerable groups of people. They involved themselves in combating challenges related to environment, women , poverty, children and what not .

But even this time ,they had their back for the people all over the country.As they were reached by the government to reach out to the people and provide them with hospitality and provide them with good quality food and goods they require.

As they knew , no one has their roots deep down connected to the various communities other than NGOs . They know whom to contact and how to reach to the people.

Whether it’s for vaccine ,medicines or reaching out to the hospital’s. Every person involved in this management system are trying their level best.

They even helped the government in manufacturing ventilators, PPE kits and face covers .

They even provided essential items to the people in lockdown period.

Many NGOs in cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad ,Delhi and all the major cities are giving free meals to the people’s family who have been quarantined due to coronavirus. They are even supplying water to the people standing out in front of hospital’s as many people fainted due to weakness and dehydration.

NGOs also have access to these populations for rapid needs during times for crisis.

They understand the concerns of their populations beyond immediate health risks, including economic impact or whether it’s social impact.

As a citizen of the country, it’s our duty to help the people in need by sending them good wishes through text messages and helping them maintain their mental health.

Because one of the major issues other than this pandemic is the mental health issues . Every person who has suffered or is is suffering covid is facing problems mentally as well as physically .

So if not by money , we can at least send them good vibes by social media and show some love to them that you are a fighter, you have survived even worse situations so you can get through this too.

Many organizations have started fund raising event for the people who have lost their parents,children and to the people who are suffering through this virus.

This pandemic has made us all realise that no one alone can lead this world , only if we all stand together for each other only then we can get through this. Helping each other at good times and bad times is what we as humans can do .

Only criticing the government for not doing well doesn’t make you a citizen but trying to make people aware of this pandemic is more important and letting the people follow proper rules and precautions effectively is all that we can do.

We all know it’s each to say but hard to work on it ,but it’s not impossible even. So let’s keep doing , rather than waiting for the results . Because waiting can cause lots of people lose their parents,kids and families. Meanwhile , understanding the situation in depth and getting out of house when in need is the only possible thing that can be done . And reaching out the doctors as soon as possible if you suffer from any kind of symptoms of covid.

Because today’s work will make the future better.

So let’s keep doing and get through this pandemic together.

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