Online Internship Experience at LegalEagle Law Forum: Lots of Learnings

Online Internship Experience at LegalEagle Law Forum

Name Of The Intern , Year Of Study ,College

Anonymous, 3rd Year of B.A.LL.B.(H.) from ADAMAS UNIVERSITY

Name Of The Organization Where You Interned And Its Full Address

LEGALEAGLE LAW FORUM, Address: Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Duration Of Internship

December 16, 2020 to May 15, 2021.

How Did You Apply

I was one of the followers on the Jus Corpus Instagram page and I came across this post where LEGALEAGLE LAW FORUM was looking for content writers at that time. So, I had contacted them through email which is and furnished in my resume and application for the same. The reply for the mail came same day and I was called for an interview where the Founder and the Content Team Manager of the forum were present. Then I was selected as a content team member.

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

The first day was basically the orientation day where I was introduced to the constitution of the forum and other important documents. An introduction of work and the flow of the same were explained very elaborately to each of us in orientation. Next I was added to the WhatsApp group for further daily communications. 

The infrastructure was not present because the whole experience was online in nature.

First Impression: The forum was welcoming from the beginning. Our Team Manager, Ms. Khushi Shukla was very much humble, patient and a knowledgeable person. My first task was to draft news articles.

Main Tasks

The main tasks of content writers were providing content for various segments original to LEGALEAGLE LAW FORUM. These segments include Word of the Day, This Day That Year, Landmark Judgements, Special Day Blogs, Opinionated Blogs and Academic Articles. In the span of four months, one is allotted each and every segment every week by the manager so that the writers develop the habit of writing and the tenure is not monotonous. The forum also offers to coordinate or host webinars to those who want to work on their speaking skills and reduce the stage fear. The publications, Letter of Recommendation, Certificate of Completion and exposure to law fraternity are some of the perks offered by the forum in the tenure.


Work Environment

One always wants a flexible working hours and healthy & knowledgeable work environment which was the way to enjoy my whole tenure. The founders of the forum Mr. Shubham Diwate and Mr. Dewang Vaidya were the ones to ensure that thriving environment. Even the co-team members were also understanding and helpful when I faced any issues.

Good Things

Answer: Good things: 

  • Development of writing skills
  • Gaining knowledge every day
  • Strict deadline
  • Flexible working hours
  • Great peers

Bad Things

I did not face any bad things.

Accommodation, Commuting to Office

None of the above because it was Online Internship.

Lessons Learnt

  • Time Management skills
  • Better writing grip
  • Awareness
  • Better communicating skills
  • More connections

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