PIL in Delhi High Court for conversion of offices of RWA(s), NGO(s) and Community Centres into Vaccination Centres.

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The spread of Coronavirus is so drastic that it has almost lead to the destruction of a mankind. Last year we all were praying for the immediate development and arrival of the vaccine, and when it came, then now we all are starving for the vacant vaccination slots, because of less number of vaccination centres and limited number of vaccines.
Is it the failure of the Government, or we as the citizen of India?
As per my opinion we both are equally responsible for the failure of the system, as neither the government felt the need of more hospitals nor we demanded for the same.

But certain people are aware of their rights and are doing their bit to overcome the situation, by requesting before the courts to order the ruling governments to take necessary actions. One of such incident is discussed below:

A PIL was filed by Petitioner Ashish Kumar through Advocates Avani Bansal, Abhinav Garg, Anshul Kumar and Bhanu Pratap on Thursday, 6th May 2021, in Delhi High Court asking to direct the Delhi Government and Central Government for conversion of NGOs, Community Centres and Resident Welfare Association’s offices into Vaccine centres, to reduce the exposure towards the virus while going for vaccination.

The worrying nature of the PIL pointed towards the present situation of having maximum probability in getting affected and coming in contact with the virus at hospitals and dispensaries.

Petitioner stated that currently 76 Government schools have been converted into vaccination centres by Delhi government which is insufficient to cater the high vaccination demands of Delhites.

Plea stated that: “While the set- up of Vaccination Centres in Schools, is a good decision by the State Government and in the same spirit as this petition, they are not sufficient to ensure vaccination for all the people of Delhi with minimum exposure of COVID. There are still long queues at Vaccination Centres set up in schools which make the need for setting up similar vaccine centres extremely important.”

Petitioner also relating to the example of vaccination centres set up in residential societies in Gurugram stated that setup of a vaccination centres near the home, not only will lower the stress but crowd too, outside the vaccination centres and will also encourage people in taking the vaccines.

“Allowing societies, companies, organisations to come forward and support the vaccination drive will help the communities come together and support the government, thereby discharging their Fundamental Duties, especially under Art. 51 (e), (h) and (j). It will also help maintain social distance, avoid long queues and due to smaller number of people at of these centres – it will easier to take better precaution measures, every step of the way” the plea states further.

Petitioner has made several more prayers and those are:
•Through the issue of a writ of Mandamus to the respondents ( Delhi Government and Centre) to review and access available infrastructure and facilities for vaccination as per international standards.

•When to take proper an adequate measures to control and combat the menances of coronavirus.

•And to set up a Committee for monitoring under the experts supervision to ensure the effective and swift vaccination drive in Delhi.

Against such demands made by the petitioner, the two Judge Bench of Delhi High Court including Chief Justice D.N Patel and Justice Jasmeet Singh asked the respondents to treat the PIL as a representation and take necessary and immediate decision in accordance with the law, rules and government policies applicable to the case.

Court also said that authorities must also keep in mind the availability of funds, human resources and infrastructure while arriving at a final decision and disposed off the petition.





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