Setting up of Sainik Schools in partnership with NGO’s.

Setting up of New Sainik Schools in partnership with NGO’s, Private schools and Government sectors.

After the success of the pilot project i.e. the admission of female cadets for the year 2018-19 in the Sainik School, Chhingchhip, Mizoram, the Government of India is all set to admit more female cadets along with the boy cadets for the year 2021-22.

According the reports on Wednesday, the government has launch the scheme to set up more Sainik schools across the country in partnership with the NGO’s, private schools and State government.

According to our state minister of defence Shripad Naik, the aim of the sainik schools in to provide ‘CBSE plus’ type of education by involving desirous government/private school/NGO’s  to partner with and aligning the school ethos, value system and national pride.

Theses school came into existence in the early 1960s after the policy decision of the defence minister VK Krishna Menon. Currently there are 33 sanik school across the country but the union government has decided to open 100 more sainik school all affiliated under the Sainik School Society with the aim of preparing students from an early age for their entry in the Indian armed forces with the vision of a better India in terms of the defence in the upcoming years. From the financial point of view, the schools are funded by the centre as well as individual state government for infrastructure, expenditure and scholarship under various categories.

According to Lt. Gen Nimbhorkar, as much as our country needs schools like these, but the aim of these school not be compromised  even if entities like the private school and NGO’s join us, these schools should always aim at providing affordable military education to the respective students and should never be turned into profit making entities.

Earlier, the government of Uttar Pradesh sent the proposal to the centre for the opening of Sainik schools in all the divisional headquarters of the state. And presently the maximum number of sainik schools are in Uttar Pradesh one each in Jhansi, Mainpuri and Amethi.

According to the reports, the school will be introduced to the sainik school curriculum, students are selected through annual examination. They are inducted at middle school level. Until selected students complete their secondary education at theses school they receive extensive trainings in sports, adventure activities, extra-curricular subjects along with routine academic training to prepare them well for the military training institutions.

Under the body of Sainik School Society, every sainik school must have three officers from the army, navy and air-force background who should serve the role of principal, vice-principal, administrative officers and junior commissioned officers as the NCC instructors and should monitor each and every activity of the students for a better military force. And apart from these three officers who are present there to serve for a limited period of time, rest all the members of the school are permanent.

As much as the military forces are excited about the announcement of more sainik schools in the country they also say that as much as they are happy to reform more and more boys and girls cadets they also say that the values and the dignity of the schools should remain intact otherwise, there would be no difference between the military school or the other schools because military schools are known for their discipline, their values and their dignity that much remain like that only no matter how many more schools come or no matter how many more private schools or NGO’s joins them.

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