Social Media has emerged as vital pandemic resources

Social Media has emerged as vital pandemic resources. Social Media platforms connect and entertain people but with the rise of Social Media Activism the social media platforms are not restricted to limited roles. The activistic behavior of social media has developed a way of expression of the unheard issues of the common masses, uncovered incidents by the Mainstream Media and awareness for public welfare. As every coin has two sides. The light can’t exist without the dark, similarly the social media is a boon as well as a curse.

Social Media is used to spread fake news, political and communal propagandas. Social Media is a trolling destination full of hate and there are abundant ways in which the Social Media exhibit toxicity. There’s a critical misuse of social media in the ongoing Corona Pandemic. Following the timeline from the very beginning, when in 2020 the First wave of Covid-19 started. The rumors and misguided information were spread all over the Social Media platforms. Major rumors such as ‘Particular Community spreading the virus,’ ‘prevention of Corona infection by inhaling hot air from Blow-dryers,’ ‘Home tricks for Corona Virus’ and etcetera resulted in a lot of issues, controversies and conflicts. Social Media is playing a dominant role in the Second wave of Covid-19. The Second wave is more intensively fatal due to the increased extent of rate of infection of the third mutant of Corona Virus. Due to the unavailability of resources and lack of Public Healthcare the social media is getting used in malicious activities such as spreading rumors, frauds and creating outrages for political benefits. The ongoing social media platforms are full of fake news and misguided information. Through the medium of social media, a lot of frauds are also taking place. People are getting advance payments made for medicines, oxygen cylinders and other covid resources and then either not fulfilling the deal or providing with fake resources. There are abundant rumors going on such as ‘Women shouldn’t take vaccine shot during menstruation,’ ‘People getting Covid-19 positive due to vaccine shot,’ ‘hatred content and misinformation for targeting particular communities,’ ‘Inhaling of camphor for prevention of corona infection’ and etcetera. A responsible Citizen should refrain from consuming news and content from unverified sources over social media.

The good is still fighting and winning over the evil. The social media has emerged as the major covid resource in terms of public interest and beneficiary. the influencers, celebrities, sportspersons, public figures and the common man are working together on social media to help those in need and acquire help themselves when they are in need. Awareness programs are being generated and carried out throughout the social media platforms to ignite minds. The resources are being verified and the frauds are being exposed through the medium of social media itself. Recently, The Supreme Court also supported social media for being a covid resource by ordering the police not to clampdown people using social media for covid resources.

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