Over the years, women and children are always considered to be soft targets to be exploited for heinous crimes. Exploitation to anything for personal benefits is an inhuman act. It is very sad to say that men had been dominating women for a long time and are making them deprived of their basic rights. This inhuman practice is still prevalent in some sections of the society. Children who are the future of a country are unfortunately involved too in this dark world and make their lives as hell. Trafficking, one of the most heinous crimes had and has been violating the basic human rights since decades. Trafficking being held in a country is a tight slap for the country’s constitution.   

Trafficking in human beings involves the transportation, harbouring or receipt of persons by means of threat, rape, abduction or fraud for the purpose of exploitation thus violating their human rights such as Right to life, liberty and security, the Right not to be subjected to torture etc. Trafficking of women and children is done for commercial sexual exploitation. India has emerged as a source, destination and transit for both in – country and cross border trafficking. Compared to 2017 and 2018, human trafficking cases in India hit a three year – high in 2019 according to the latest data available with National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). The problem of trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation is especially challenging due to its population complexities and variation. Poverty, low status of women, lack of a protective environment, poor education of women etc are some of the causes for trafficking.

A combined efforts from the central and state authorities is needed which will undertake preventive measures to arrest trafficking especially in vulnerable areas and sections of population; and to enable rescue, proper shelter, safety and new effective ways to reform lives of the trafficked victims.

Keeping the above issues and gaps in mind the Ministry of Women and Child Development has introduced a Central Scheme “Comprehensive Scheme for Prevention of Trafficking for Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re – Integration of Victims of Trafficking for Commercial Sexual Exploitation — Ujjawala”. The new scheme has been implemented primarily for the purpose of preventing trafficking on the one hand rescue and reforming lives of victims on the other.

Objective of the Scheme:

  • To prevent trafficking of women and children through social mobilization and involvement of local communities, awareness generation programmes, workshops/seminars and such events and any other innovative activity have been put in practice with the help of NGOs
  • To facilitate rescue of victims from the place of their exploitation and place them in safe custody.
  • To provide life – reforming services both immediate and long – term to the victims by providing basic amenities/needs such as shelter, food, clothing, medical treatment including counselling, legal aid and guidance and vocational training.
  • To facilitate repatriation of cross – border victims to their country of origin.

Target Group/Beneficiaries:

  • Women and children who are vulnerable to trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation.
  • Women and children who are victims of trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation.

Eligibility Conditions:                                                                                                                            The implementing NGO must fulfill the following eligibility conditions:                                       

  • The agency should be registered under law and must have a properly constituted Managing Body with its powers, duties and responsibilities clearly defined and laid down in its Constitution.                                                                                                                
  • The organization must not work for the profit of any individual or body of individuals
  • It should ordinarily have three years’ experience after its registration
  • Its financial position should be good
  • It should have facilities, resources, experience and personnel to initiate the scheme for which assistance is to be found.

Grasping and implementing the ardent methods as mentioned above will definitely help the country to curb trafficking and   also ensures its citizen security of their human rights. Along with the Government, we as Indians should also raise our voices against trafficking and should inform the concerned authorities immediately if some mishappenings occur. Make it the slogan “India Stands Against Trafficking”




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