What Is Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is basically a document which gives the permission to someone else who can act as legal agent to your property .the main owner can decide what powers will be shared with attorney and the acts which are done by the attorney will be consider as the action is taken by the owner. Mainly NRI’s uses this power of attorney ,if someone purchased some property in India and they cant visit then they can share rights of with family or friends by issuing a power of attorney.

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Why power of attorney is important

Under some circumstances like ill-health or moving to abroad you can share your powers to known person who is more likely your friend , relative or family who can look after the property ,the action which are done by the attorney would seem that these actions are taken by the real owner.

What is registration of power of attorney

Registration of power of attorney is mandatory for NRI’s, specifically when property matters .when someone buys an immovable property then it should be register with the sub registrar office .Indian law gives more power to registered things ,if it is unregistered then court will not provide favorable decision.

4 steps Includes the registration process

1. Visit the sub registrar office with the documents, it is prepare on stamp paper
2. Original documents with self attested copies of documents ,proof of address and proof of identity is must.
3. Two passport size photographs and at the time of registration the sub registrar will take another photo of yours with thumbprint.
4. Two witnesses are also required and they should have proper identification proof.

Registration process if not in India

If NRI buys some property in India ,then they should send Power of attorney to India and it needs to get attested by an officer of Indian embassy in their local residence .
They have to send power of attorney to India and the holder of attorney must have identity and address proof along with the witness at the sub registrar office.

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