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Yoursupport Judicial Academy is a best judicial academy for preparation of Judicial services exams. We guidance students for Judicial Services Examination along with CLAT. It has a unique teaching technique developed by highly experienced and dedicated team of experts. This methodology has been developed through extensive interaction with renowned and reverent faculty members who have given their valuable inputs. Our Law Coaching Academy have some of the finest faculty available in the coaching includes blend of experience, expertise & young dynamic coach who developed the techniques of Subjective Answer writing & Interview.

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Annually, several candidates fail to clear the exam on account of facing the following difficulties and challenges: 

Common Challenges

  • Confusion as regards the selection of correct study material
  • Lack of right mentorship and guidance
  • Fear of vast syllabus
  • Lack of guidance regarding selective studies and exam strategy
  • Lack of understanding of the Bare Acts of both central as well as local laws
  • Monopolisation of a few coaching institutions in big cities, creating a limitation of access and uneven advantage of a selected few. 
  • Lack of expertise as regards language and general knowledge preparation (the two topics that make or break a candidate’s score). 
  • Ever-increasing competition, especially with the proposal of the All India Judicial Services being seriously deliberated upon. 
  • Zero emphases on state-wise strategies based on past year papers.
  • Not practising answer writing within a limited time
  • Not getting personal feedback on written answers from their coaches
  • Falling off the bandwagon due to stress while preparing
  • Not getting personalised advice and coaching

Individual Challenges

Apart from the above there are also complexities that one has to face at an individual level, which often hurdles towards achieving success, these are:

  • Peer Pressure
  • Issues with time management
  • Not being able to adopt a particular style of studying
  • Not adopting scientific techniques of strategizing and retention
  • Personal difficulties and mental blocks
  • Location disadvantage i.e the candidate is residing in a region from where access to quality content becomes difficult
  • It is hard to leave paid work or a job to prepare full time for judicial exams

Other Factors

Additionally, the unfortunate truth that needs to be addressed is as regards the current trend of Judiciary Coaching institutes whereby:

  • Coaching is offered only in limited big cities.
  • The entire process of enrollment along with external costs of accommodation, transportation etc. creates an unreasonably huge monetary burden on the judiciary aspirant as well as his/her family, with little guarantee of a positive final outcome. 
  • All brick and mortar based coaching institutes provide very rigid timings, suitable only to a select few of even their own students. 
  • Not self-paced in terms of the subjects taught. 
  • Only a selected few good faculties to teach a couple of subjects well, thus not holistically providing quality content. No judiciary coaching provides high-quality comprehensive study material.
  • Extremely large batches, severely hampering individual attention. 
  • Mechanical motivation and guidance without considering individual requirements.
  • Lack of transparency and accountability. 

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With the given background, let’s now focus on ‘you’ and assume that ‘you’ are a serious judiciary candidate, now ask yourself this question-

‘Have you ever come across an all-encompassing Course on Judicial Services Competitive Examination, that has been particularly designed for ‘you’ and can be customised as per ‘your’ needs and aspirations?

We here at YOURSUPPORT JUDICIAL ACADEMY resonate with your concerns and fears, as well as your dreams and aspirations. In our constant endeavour to provide the best quality legal education across sectors, we are introducing a full-fledged course on Judiciary Preparation, driven by experts who have cleared several judicial exams and have a passion for helping judiciary aspirants to achieve their goals.

In coaching centres, experts are those who couldn’t crack judiciary exams themselves. In YOURSUPPORT JUDICIAL ACADEMY, our experts are those who cleared judiciary exams and left to help other aspirants, because teaching and mentoring was a greater calling for them.

Also, we decided that there are way too many shortcomings of the common judiciary coaching centres, the biggest being that they require one to give up their jobs and practice and prepare for the judiciary full time.

We know that this is not necessary. We can help even working professionals and lawyers and even busy housewives to prepare and crack the judiciary exams across the country, without having to move to a different city or quitting their jobs for preparation.

And why should you only take a judiciary exam? We believe that the same course should prepare you for all the other competitive exams or qualifying exams for government jobs. This course itself will help you to crack UGC NET, JRF, Bank SO, Additional Public Prosecutor, Junior Law officer, etc various exams without having to subscribe to another course.


  • A college-going student, dreaming of becoming a Judge but finding it difficult to balance the hectic Law School curriculum with judiciary preparation.
  • A candidate who wants to learn practical skills to crack judicial exams as well as to run their own practice till the time they are selected.
  • Any person who is persuaded towards taking an attempt in the judiciary because of parental pressure, but he/ she wants to make a career in litigation or corporate sector. We will tell you how to use this stint for your ultimate objective.
  • A working professional who aspires to become a judge for the perfect work-life balance, but is only able to devote time preparation after office hours. 
  • A housewife who believes in her abilities and knows that becoming a dignified judge would help her bring an effective change to society. 
  • An individual who is located at such a place from where travelling becomes very time consuming and an expensive affair, but has a constant urge to compete with the best.
  • A judicial service aspirant who has passionately been studying for the exam, but feels a need to rejig his/ her strategy because results have not been forthcoming. 
  • A candidate who is preparing for multiple judiciaries or multiple legal competitive exams like NET, JLO, APP, Bank SO, etc. simultaneously. 
  • Any student who needs an online course as he can’t leave his business, job, family or other assignments.

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  • Personal guidance: Every candidate will be given personal attention for the preparation of their respective judiciary exam. This is not like a coaching centre with hundreds of students in a batch, where teachers don’t know your name or your dreams.
  • Strategies: Every individual will be assisted to make their own strategies according to their own situations. 
  • Top-notch content: exhaustive notes will be provided to the students so that they don’t have to purchase any other book or material after taking this course.
  • A unique presentation of the content: Content will be presented in a colour-coded format to help you to figure out important keywords and sentences. While revising, it will be easier to find out case laws, maxims and important points related to every topic.
  • Speed reading friendly content: Our content is specially designed with the help of experts to help you to read it at a much faster speed as compared to any other content.
  • Smart study techniques: Every candidate will be guided about how much to study on which topic.
  • Special tools to make learning faster and easier: Flow charts, Videos, Mind Maps, Infographics, animations, and much more. All the unique techniques which help in learning things in a faster and better way will be part of our course.
  • Model solutions for past year papers: One of the biggest issues while writing the exam is how to write and how much to write. Model answers written by experts will be provided to you.
  • Statistical break up of past year question papers: All the past year papers will be broken up and analysed in various charts. These charts will help you to identify important topics, type of questions and level of preparation required for those topics and questions.
  • Question paper analysis of latest exams: Current trends on difficulty level, number of questions asked, type of questions asked, expected cut off, and all the other related queries related to the latest question papers would be discussed.
  • Live online classes: Live online classes will be conducted to discuss various concepts.
  • Problem discussion sessions: Special problem discussion sessions will be conducted to resolve all the queries and confusions of the students.
  • Practical insights: Practical approach towards various concepts will be provided to help you to write the best solutions to the questions asked in the exams and interviews. 
  • Thousands of MCQs: A bank of thousands of MCQs will be provided so that you can practice and play with them as much as you can for your preparation.
  • Regular tests: Regular tests will be conducted to make you exam ready.
  • Personal evaluation of your answers: Each and every answer written and submitted by you will be evaluated, and personal line by line feedback will be provided on the same.
  • Regular revisions: Special emphasis will be there on revisions so that you don’t forget what you have already learnt.
  • Self-paced: You can use reference material provided by us and prepare at your own speed. There is no compulsion to attend sessions on every concept to understand it.
  • Solutions to queries through various platforms: You can ask your queries to our mentors, experts, evaluators and support team on various platforms like our Learning management system (LMS), WhatsApp groups, emails, calls, live sessions, problem-solving sessions, and if required personal sessions through video conferencing.
  • Bare Acts: Most of the important bare acts will be provided in downloadable format.
  • Statistical analysis of your performance: Your performance will be analyzed regularly, and statistics will be provided to you regarding your current situation, strengths, weaknesses, things on which you have to focus and improve, resources for the same, and much more.
  • All India ranking: You will be given an all Indian ranking based on your standing amongst thousands of our students. You will be given a clear pathway to improve your performance and get on top of the charts. Even if you are a topper, you will be informed about the areas in which you have to improve.
  • Language papers: There will be special content and classes for preparing students for English and Hindi grammar, precis writing, translations, and everything which is being asked in various judiciary papers.
  • Essay writing: Model essays on most frequently asked essay topics and training to write superb essays in a given time period in judiciary examinations will be provided to course students.
  • Judgement writing: Special classes on how to attempt writing judgements, applications, petitions, and other similar drafting related questions will be provided in the course with mock questions and line by line feedback on the same. 
  • Special webinars: Special webinars for sharing insights to crack judiciary exams, tricks, myth-buster sessions, the experience of experts, toppers talk, state-specific exam strategies, and much more will be discussed at frequent intervals.
  • State-specific Strategies: Strategies to crack state-specific judiciary exams, resources for the same, dealing with local subjects and state-specific issues, and special sessions to solve state-specific queries.
  • General Knowledge: Content will include GK, daily news analysis, important latest cases, important topics for essays, GDs and interviews and how to answer them in an appropriate manner.
  • Competitions: Regular essay writing, answer writing, MCQ, GK and judgement writing competitions will be conducted.
  • Scholarships: Scholarships and sponsorships for top-performing candidates.
  • Mentorship: Access to mentors and success managers will be available who will ensure that you get desired success in your career through this course.
  • Time management: personalised time management tips will be given.
  • Interview sessions: Students will be trained specially for interviews.


  • After going through a rigorous mandate under this course, you can crack the judiciary exam of the State of your choice.
  • You can manage your current work pressure and simultaneously prepare for judiciary exams. 


online24 7access

Online 24/7 access

Access to basic study material through an online learning management system, Android and iOS app


Practical Exercises

2 practical exercises every week, followed by written feedback

live online class

Live Online Classes

Based on the exercises, there will be a live video-based online class. You can ask questions, share your screen, get personal feedback in this class.

class timings

Convenient Class timings

Classes are held after regular work hours. Typically classes are kept on Sunday afternoon or 8-9 pm on other days.

live doubt clearing

Live Doubt Clearing

You can ask questions, get your doubt cleared live as well as through online forums.

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  • Insights on various legal Bare Acts – How to demystify the technical language of a Bare Act. 
  • Learn the art of deriving questions for prelims, mains and interview from the Bare Act. 
  • Understand and adopt the technique of ‘Divide and Learn’ along with the skill of ‘What to Learn and What to Leave.’
  • Exhaustively cover the relevant syllabus, specifically from an examination point of view. 
  • Simultaneously gain both theoretical as well as practical understandings towards the study of law. 
  • Relevant and recent case laws on all subjects. 
  • Gain a stronghold over general awareness and essay writing. 
  • To identify issues and answer application-based questions. 
  • To draft crucial civil documents prescribed for judicial services exams, such as FIR, criminal complaint, bail and anticipatory bail. 
  • To gain command over English and Hindi vocabulary and grammar from the judiciary examination point of view. 
  • Step by step process of writing a judgment in a criminal case and a civil case.

Course Plan

Above prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes and charges.


RS. 55000 incl. of all charges


– Instructor led course with online live classes

– Special problem solving sessions

– Life coaching and mentorship

– Model answers for past year judiciary exams

– Regular online tests and instructor feedback on assignments for judiciary course

– Individual strategies and focus areas to crack exams

– Training for writing judgements, other important applications and notices and essays

– Get digital access to entire study material

– Access on LMS, Android or iOS app

– Doubt clearing on WhatsApp, LMS & in classes

– Doubt clearing within 24 hours

– Guidance for legal practice development

– CV enhancement

– Coaching for professional networking

– Internship & Job Support

– Interview preparation guidance

– Networking with other students & alumni

– Access to updated content online for 3 years

– Top students are recommended to litigators, law firms and companies for practical exposure

We provide for Hard Copies, but the cost is not originally included in the current sum charged. Upon undertaking the Course you may order for the designated hardcopies by incurring an approximate cost of Rs. 5000 (Shipping Charges extra). The content that is covered in hard copies has further been demonstrated in the Course guidelines.

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Who can enrol for the YOURSUPPORT Courses?

We recommend that you should have completed your Higher Secondary / Class XII from a recognized Board / University. In the case of foreign nationals, you should have completed the equivalent of Higher Secondary in India in your respective country. You should also be comfortable with the English language and using a computer. However, we have no formal pre-qualification requirements because we are not a University or college. Anyone who wants to learn is welcome to join our courses. 

Are hard copy study materials provided for reference, or are there only online classes?

Students of YOURSUPPORT JUDICIAL ACADEMY will be provided hard copy materials, we will dispatch it within 45 days of your course commencement date.  

However, online classes, videos, regulatory updates and periodic upgrades to the courses cannot be included in the hard copies. We will provide you with hard copy material for all important chapters. We keep adding many new chapters from time to time and there are restrictions on page numbers so all online material cannot be available in hard copy. We would keep adding new material online from time to time, so please do not expect all such material to be made available in the hard copy also. You can use the hard copy materials for your reference, however, we recommend that you do not exclusively rely on hard copies for cracking the assessment test and the exercises. Please refer to the online library of materials from time to time.

Note: We will send hard copy material through our service partners. We have three service partners. 

1. Indian Speed Post  (Provides delivery ‘anywhere in India’ under contractual service) 

2. Delhivery 

3. Trackon Couriers Pvt Limited 

If our service partners do not have a presence in your area and want to get the hard copy,  you can send us a specific request. 

For Queries:

Contact: 8285309526 or mail at

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