How to Link Aadhar Card with phone number: A Quick Method

Aadhaar card is a crucial document for an Indian citizen’s identity. But in a world where lockdown persists and everything is getting digitized, your virtual identity is now a principal part of your living reality.

Hence, It is now compulsory to link Aadhar card with mobile number. Without it, you will be unable to access a rapidly growing world of digital documents and forms provided only if you link your Aadhar with mobile number. You can visit here now to avail various Aadhaar services and verify your mobile number or retrieve your Aadhaar Card. This article would discuss how to link your Aadhar Card with your phone number and more.

It’s been almost 11 years since the launch of Aadhaar Card. Within a single decade, it has become world’s largest biometric ID system. It is a verifiable 12 digit identification number for all Indian citizens. According to the Indian Government, India has over 125 crore Aadhaar card users making it the ultimate identity symbol. It is also common knowledge that our developing nation is rapidly increasing in the number of mobile phone users. Therefore, it is nothing but common sense that these two basic identity indicators are meant to be linked together.

Though linking your Aadhar card with mobile number is now mandatory and the process is pretty easy and simple, still many people are confused whether they should get their mobile numbers linked to their Aadhaar; And if yes, then how to link their mobile number with Aadhaar Card? I am here to take you through the detailed process and its benefits.

Benefits of linking Aadhar Card to Mobile Number.

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Benefits of having Aadhar linked to mobile number.

As per the order passed by the Supreme Court, linking Aadhaar with mobile number has also been made mandatory by the Government. This step has been taken to terminate illegal connections issued on fake IDs and other frauds by allotting a registered mobile number to each citizen.

This helps to remove SIM that are being used by Criminals, fraudsters or terrorists. Since many criminals or terrorists used to buy a SIM on a fake name. Hence, linking mobile with 7Aadhar will ensure that the SIM is bought on its user’s name only.

Moreover, in today’s world it has become essential to have a registered mobile number to create your virtual identity and carry out various transactions.

On the other hand, linking Aadhar card to mobile number gives access to mAadhar App as well as , Digilocker that allows you to apply for thousands of online Government as well as non government forms that require a virtual Aadhar copy.

If you have lost your Aadhar Card and/ or forgotten your Aadhar number, you can recover it with your registered mobile number on the following link:

How to link Aadhaar with Mobile Number

To link your Aadhaar Card with your Mobile Number, you will have to visit any authorised telecom operator near you.

To Link your Aadhar with mobile you have to do as follows:

Step 1: Visit your nearby telecom operator’s outlet/store.

Step 2: Carry a self-attested copy of your Aadhaar card.

Step 3: Give your mobile number to the operator.

Step 4: The operator would send an OTP to the mobile number that you have provided to be linked.

Step 5: Give that OTP to the operator for verification.

Step 6: Now you give them your fingerprint.

Step 7: Soon you will get a confirmation SMS from your telecom operator.

Step 8: Reply ‘Y’ to complete the e-KYC process.

Now You have your Aadhar Card linked to your mobile number. But You may want to verify this to make sure that this is true.

How to check if your Aadhaar is linked to your Mobile Number

The process of verifying your Aadhaar Mobile Number is simple, easy and hassle free. Simply follow these steps to verify your mobile number right now.

Step 1: Log in to the UIDAI website

Step 2: Select the ‘Verify Email/Mobile Number’ option given under ‘Aadhaar Services’.

Step 3: Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number, email-id, mobile number and the security code.

Step 4: Enter the OTP.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Verify OPT’ option.

A green tick will be shown and your Aadhaar mobile number verification is successful.

Aadhaar Mobile Number verification online link:

In these troubling times of lockdown, you might want to evade every chance of going outside. Therefore, given above is a link for online verification, which is simple and convenient.

You can also check if your Mobile Number is linked with your Aadhaar or not with the help of Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

Interactive Voice Response System

IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) is another convenient method to assure that your Aadhaar is linked to mobile number . It uses a pre-recorded voice to interact with humans that responds according to your keypad response . In order to make it easy for telecom service providers , the government of India has come up with a single number for linking Aadhaar card to SIM through IVRS. You need to follow the following steps to link your Mobile Number to Aadhaar through IVRS:

Step 1: Dial 14546 from the mobile phone. (The number is toll-free)

Step 2: The IVRS would ask if the person is a resident of India or an NRI. You have to press 1 if you are an Indian resident.

Step 3: Then, the IVR would ask the caller to share the 12-digit Aadhaar number.

Step 4: After sharing the Aadhaar number, the IVRS would repeat the last four digits of your Aadhar number back to you. Listen to them carefully and press 1 to confirm.

Step 5: Further the caller would be asked to share their registered mobile number. Once the mobile number is shared, the UIDAI would send an OTP to the mobile number.

Step 6: The IVRS would play a consent message for the caller and would ask to allow the telecom company to confirm the applicant’s name, photo and date of birth mentioned in the UIDAI database. The user needs to confirm this.

Step 7: Enter the OTP and submit.

There you go! Your Aadhaar card has now been linked to your mobile number and verified.

If you already have your Mobile number linked to Aadhar but you want to change it, then you can the following steps.

How to change your Mobile Number linked to Aadhaar

In case you are changing your mobile number, or you have lost your previous mobile number or due to any other reason, You can get it updated in UIDAI’s database. Follow these simple steps to change your mobile number in Aadhaar:

Step 1: Go to a nearby Aadhaar Enrolment/ Update Centre

Step 2: Fill the Aadhaar Update/ Correction Form

Step 3: Submit the form to the Aadhaar executive

Step 4: Pay a fee of ₹ 30 for the service

Step 5: You will be given an acknowledgement slip that contains the Update Request Number (URN)

Step 6: The URN can be used to check the status of your update request on UIDAI website.

Step 7: Your mobile number will be updated in the database of the Aadhaar within 90 days.

Other than your Aadhar Card, also make sure that you link your Aadhar card with all the other important documents like PAN Card, Bank account, UAN, NPCI and others to avail the benefits of several government welfare schemes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the documents required to update Aadhar Card or link Aadhar with mobile number.

It requires a self attested copy of your Aadhar Card. Other than that, no other documents are required to update your Aadhar Card, or link your Aadhar with mobile number.

2. Can I get my number linked with Aadhar Card without OTP?

No, you cannot register your number without OTP. Each SIM is given an OTP as a verification that the SIM is yours. If it does not show OTP, tell them to send it again or change your mobile phone to another.

3. Is Aadhaar Card issued to NRIs; and Can it be used as a Citizenship proof?

No, Aadhar Card is issued only to the citizens of India. However, It cannot be used as a Citizenship proof.

4. Can I update my mobile number in Aadhar Card online?

Yes, you can update your mobile number in Aadhar Card at home. Just ensure that your mobile phone is able to get OTP.

5. Is it risky to link your Aadhar Card with mobile number or Bank account?

It is completely safe to link your Aadhar Card with mobile number as all your data remains safe with UIDAI and is not share with any other agency such as mobile service provide, Bank account, etc. Similarly, the opposite is also true, Aadhar Card does not borrow any data like your Bank account details, or any other details while verifying documents, Bank account, or mobile number.

To Link Aadhar Card with mobile number is rather for your personal and national safety as it prevents fraudsters, criminals and terrorists from getting a number with a fake ID.


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