Internship at NITI Aayog

NITI Aayog Internship program

All scheme developments and associated decisions were made by the Planning Commission. Later, the department got a face lift, and its place was taken by the NITI Aayog. This department also offers internship schemes to interested candidates, in a number of government departments.

Information about the internship

  1. Eligibility – The internship schemes under NITI Aayog are not restricted to a certain section of students. Any pupil who is pursuing UG, PG or research courses will be able to fill in the application.
  2. Duration – The tenure of this program has been specified to be 6 weeks. In case the department head believes that there is need for extension, then it program tenure can stretch to 3 months at the most.
  3. Interested candidates can apply each month as the application lines remain active for the first ten days of each month.
  4. How to apply – Every applicant will have to click on the official line, enter the authorized website of NITI Aayog internship program, and apply accordingly.
  5. The internship program does not pay anything to the interns. They only receive a certificate after the submission of their project report, at the end of the tenure.

External Affairs Ministry Internship program

This central government department is associated with the maintaining the diplomatic relations between India and a foreign nation. They make arrangements to hold and send representatives to represent Indian in international events. Any candidate who gets a chance to take part in this internship will be able to attain information about formulation of foreign policies.

Information about the internship

  1. Eligibility – In case the applicant desires a place in programs, which fall in graduation category, then he/she must be onsite applicant. In case the applicant desires to be a part of post-graduation projects, he/she needs to be a offsite candidate.
  2. Duration – The duration of this internship scheme can be anything between 1 month and 6 months.
  3. The internship drafts states that the Ministry of External Affairs will only accept 30 applications.
  4. Applicants will be able to apply any time they please. In case you desire to enhance the chances of your selection, then submit the application just one month before the selection commences.
  5. Stipend – Just like NITI Aayog scholarship, the interns will also not receive any payment for taking part in these programs.
  6. How to apply – All candidates must get the approval from the college or university. Apart from this, they will also require 3 legal ID proofs, Aadhar Card details, NOC and recommendation from HOD in college or university. and are the two authorized sites of this department.

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