Internship Experience at Notespickup

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Name, College, Year of Study

Shanu Yadav, Lloyd Law College – Greater Noida, 3rd Year

Name of Organisation and Address

Notespickup – online site

address :

Application Procedure

Basically I applied through Internshala and uploaded my resume to the site( Internshala) and received confirmation through call after an telephonic interview.

I applied for Blog writing but due to no seats left for that position I was given option to join the other work where I was assigned the job of uploading the notes of the course which I was pursuing.

Duration of Internship and Timings

One month from 15th august,2020 – 15th September, 2020.

Timings were flexible.

First day Impression

First day we were informed about our work and tasks, we were asked to create a Google drive link in the name of our college, course and semesters, so that we can easily upload the notes.

First day Impression was good.


No accomodation because of work from home opportunity.

Main Task

Main task was to upload all the notes of  my course which I was pursuing (like LLB), I was asked to upload all the notes whether handwritten class or exam notes, in the drive link.

I was given the time frame of 15-20 days within which notes was suppose to be uploaded and in case we don’t have then, we need to arrange them topic wise, subject wise each.


Working environment was bit tensed as within the time frame  I had to provide all semester notes.

It has created a kind of pressure on the mind as I have to arrange, find and upload all the notes from 1st semester to 4th semester and that too of each subject.

Good Things

Good things which I experienced that I was happy that I am helping the other students out there who are in need of such notes and that too freely available to them.

Bad Things

Bad thing was only the overburdening of notes as clicking pictures and then uploading them within 10-15 days and that too of all semesters was hectic.


No Stipend only Certificate was being provided.

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