Internship Experience @ Adv. S K Bhadhuri, Delhi High Court: Court Visits, Mediation

Your name, college, year of study

Anonymous, ICFAI Law School, 2nd year

Name of the organization, Location, City

S K Bhaduri, Delhi High Court,

About the advocate

I interned in the office of S K bhadhuri, Delhi High Court. He is an excellent orator and a famous litigating lawyer who handles high-profile cases in Delhi High Court.

How to apply

Any student or a law graduate who wishes to apply under S K bhadhuri might do so by directly sending them an email on this email id – . Generally, it takes 1 month for them to review your CV and they shall get back to you within a month.

Duration of internship 

18th May 2019-18th June 2019 – one month internship.

About the office

Adv SK bhadhuri has a chamber in High Court. There were clerks in his office. They used to explain everything and allot tasks to the interns. Bhaduri Sir is very knowledgeable, affable and eager to share their legal wisdom with interns.

Court timings

10:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays. Weekend remains off but if you are enthusiastic about work you might get called to the office on Saturdays.

Main Work

Every day you have to report High Court at 10:00 am, there staff will assist you. Though he is a clerk but very knowledgeable. He is one who will make you learn basic court work. He’ll tell what all you have to do today and will hand over the cause list according to which you have to sit in courtrooms to observe court proceedings. They might also ask to explain the summary of the case or draft the petition as well.

I was also given an opportunity to attend mediation, appear before the court and met senior advocates.

Remain focused while working you will get to learn many things during the period of internship.

Best thing 

The work environment I got here I would have got nowhere. The associates I met here  Kushal sir and Harsh sir are extremely affable I have learned so many things from them. They are very serious about the work, they might scold you if you made a mistake but when it comes to party no one can become the companion like them.

The time i had spent with him made me learn so many things about the court and outside of the court. I am thankful to him to curb the lacunae in me with legal knowledge. Such a erudite personality he has.

Of course, listening ma’am arguing against other senior advocates like Kapil Sibal and Colin Gonsalves was also the part of best thing during the internship.



Internship under her, listening to her the way she speaks, the lesson she gives you regarding litigation in itself is a stipend.

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