Internship Experience at Aaweg ngo

Jahnavi Tolani, 1st year, Institute of Law Nirma University

Name of Organisation, City

Aaaweg Charitable Trust, Delhi

Application Process with Duration

For applying in Aaweg Charitable trust one has to send updated

resume and college id card at

Online Internship

It was work from home internship and there was no pressure of

any high authority and you are allowed to work as per your comfort.

Main Tasks

Being a legal intern our main tasks were to prepare research paper on various legal issues,

write latest news articles, prepare case briefs and short notes on legal topics. This helped in improving

research skills and increased our parameters of knowledge. Moreover, it was very interesting .

Work Environment and People

Basically it was work from home internship so could not say anything’

on the work environment. Though, the organisation always replied to the queries

in a short interval of time.

Best Things

For me the best thin was to work from home. I gained lots of knowledge and

god experience through tasks given by them.

Bad Things

Sometimes I didn’t use to receive messages of task assigned or receive it late .


No stipend. We should support non profit organisations since they are

working for social welfare.

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