Internship experience at District court and Sessions Court, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Greater Noida, UP

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Name, College, Year of Study

Shanu Yadav; Lloyd Law College,Greater Noida, UP; 3rd Year.

Name of Organisation and Address

Advocate Prashant Kumar Singh, Chamber No: 667, District and Sessions Court, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Surajpur, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Application Process

There is no process for Internship application in the courts, one needs to contact the lawyers directly under whom they want to work.

Different lawyers have different demads from interns.

Duration of Internship and Timing

Duration: Two months from 1st June,2019 – 31st July, 2019.
Timings were 10 a.m to 5 p.m.
Saturday’s and Sundays are off until there is Lok Adalat scheduled.

First day Impression and Infrastructure

On first day I was introduced to the court campus, court rooms, the oath section, Fast track court, etc.

First impression of the practical field of law was totally different, as it has been portrayed in movies. Court rooms were overcrowded with people, Police officials, criminals, young lawyers and interns with the experienced ones.

Advocates under whom I was working both Sir and Ma’am were good and very helpful.
All total infrastructure was not that bad but good.


No accomodation facility was provided.
I travelled alone as it was at 15 minutes distance from my home.

Maint Task

Generally being a fresher, I was not much exposed to the system that much intially, but later they provided me with work like writing applications in Hindi as Uttar Pradesh prefers hindi language for official court work, then doing oath on documents, collecting Orders of the judges given over a particular matter, witnessing court proceedings.

Ma’am taught me how to find dates of the matters, translation work was also given.


Working environment was good and friendly.
I was alone interning with them, but even after that they never made me feel that I was alein to them.

There were total 5 staff members and all of them were very senior to me and were very interactive.
All of them were very helpful and even asked me to join again next year, if I want.

Good Things

Good things that happened was, my idea about the courts have changed.
Gained a lot in two months regarding the practical field.

Interacting sessions and discussions over several issues with my mentors were great.

I really enjoyed the Bail proceedings.
Earlier I was hessitating to join the practical legal world as intern but after two months of learning in internship I felt like not leaving it.

Bad Things

I didn’t had any bad experiences as such, but I believe that even a bad experience leads to great learnings, if it is related to work.


I didn’t received any stipend as I was fresher and went to learn.
But received CERTIFICATE.

Biggest Lessons

My fear or hesitation of entering court premises is not much now.
As I am not comfortable talking to strangers face to face but this internship had taught me which is really helping me now and will help me in future as well.

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