Internship Experience at Legitab Law Firm: Research and Drafting Work

Internship Experience at Legitab Law Firm

Name Of The Student, College, Year Of Study

Anonymous, IV-year student, Kalinga University Naya Raipur Chhattisgarh.

Name And Full Address Of The Organization

Legitab Law Firm, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi.

Duration Of Internship

3rd January to 31st January 2020

How Did You Apply

For applying to Legitab, I had sent an email to Kanack Sir at  with my updated CV along with a cover letter.

First Day Formalities

The firm is located near Subhash Nagar Metro Station (Please, don’t get confused with the address which mention Tilak Nagar, just stop at Subhash Nagar Metro Station and ask from anyone they will guide you). The infrastructure is quite impressive and cozy, equipped with all the necessities.

In the beginning, I was a little nervous but as soon as I interact with Puneet sir (Chairman of the Law firm) and Kanack Sir (associate in the firm) I almost forgot that I was an outsider who came from another city. Puneet sir took a general interview of myself and then explained me about the working of the firm. After that, Kanack Sir before assigning the task, which was related to CPC explained it in a very detailed manner.

Main Tasks

Each and every day intern gets a new task to do. Firm deals with every kind of matter and not just limited to a particular law. Due to this intern gets an opportunity to explore in all possible direction.

Main task revolves mainly around case studies, legal research and drafting.

Good Things

I think it is very difficult to select few things in a lot. Throughout my journey in Legitab I received plethora of information about my field, which helps me a lot in my grooming process. 

In legitab, all are very humble and kind. Everyone treated me like a family member. Puneet sir will definitely upskill your practical knowledge. You just need to follow him. I got a few opportunities to assist him, during the trial and I learned a lot about proceeding and research work.

Next Kanack sir, his explanation skill is just astonishing and every time he will first explain the case in a detailed manner then assign you the work. Even after getting a proper explanation if you feel lost while dealing with your task, he will help you from the bottom to the top.  He is like a library from where you can get a plethora of information within a few minutes without opening the book.

Bad Things

Up to my experience and knowledge, there is no such thing which is unfavorable or nasty. I enjoyed a lot throughout my journey as an intern in Legitab.


Travelling expenses will be reimbursed after completing one month.

Accommodation, Commute To The Office

No Accommodation will be provided. I stayed in PG located in Mayur Vihar and used the metro which cost me a lot. It’s my humble request to find a PG near Subhash Nagar or Tilak Nagar before starting otherwise you will drain your all pocket money only in traveling although it will be reimbursed by them but still.

Lesson Learnt 

Before standing in front of a judge for your case, always make sure that you are ready with all other possible backups so to get your client a clean chit.

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