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Have you thought that in this first pacing world where our circumstance is changing in the blink of eye ;one of the basic need of human -education has changed after 34 years. The education ministry has brought some major changes in our education policy. Here we are to get more vivid point of view about it.


)As mentioned in the NEP, the undergraduate degrees will be of either 3 or 4-year duration with multiple exit options within this period

2) Higher Education Commission of India will establish as a single body for entire higher education, exempting medical and legal education . 

3)A single regulator will be there for higher education institutions. 

4) There will be choice and chances of multiple entry and exit options in degree courses, 

5)There will be no seperate MPhil programmes. 

6)low stakes board exams. That means there will be nothing like 10+2 structure. It will be divided in 5+3+3+4 structure. 

7) common entrance exams will be conducted for university entrance. 

3)Schooling will be started at the age of 3 years now.

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 1.The New Education Policy injucted that the age group 6-14 years will have to go through by mandatory schooling. Though it haven’t make clear about the regulations for preschooling. 

2.The new education policy had given a great importance to the importance of mother tounge. In the places where there be doors the medium of instruction will be in mother tounge upto atleast 5th grade. Though it will be preferred till 8th grade. There have to be importance of local language, regional language. 

3.The most eye catching fact is here that there is no more any stringent separation between arts, commerce and science. Under the NEP 2020,their will be a  lot of importance on vocational training and student will get chances for internships.

4.No more dropouts! yes, you heard it right. If you give on your current ongoing course, you’ll be not considered as a dropout. For that an digital academic bank will be created which will record your credit. You will also get your one year completion certificate. There will be multiple entry and exit option. 


1.It is mentioned in the national education policy that it may turn affiliate colleges into degree granting autonomous colleges and further to universities in 15 years. But this process need to be assisted with proper flow of finance. 

2.Government has said that they will increase the budget of education by 6% gdp. This will be not a tomorrow’s call. According to experts, this proposal had not been achieved by the last half century hitherto. 

3.Last but not the least, education in mother language stir up a fierce debate which needs to be addressed properly. 

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 What is the national education policy? 

Ans. National education policy is formulated by the government of India amongst India’s people. This covers elementary education to colleges in both rural and urban India. 

Q. What is current education policy?

Ans. The government has implemented new education policy which has revised after 34 years.

Q. Who framed national education policy? 

Ans. The NEP approved by the Union Cabinet, at a meeting presided by our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Q. Will be there a common entrance test for university entrance?

Ans.Yes, there will be a common entrance exam for universities. 

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