Riddhi Singh, 1st year student, Institute of Law, Nirma University

Aaweg Charitable Trust Delhi

For applying in Aaweg Charitable Trust one have to send the CV at the mail id on I got my confirmation letter within 24 hours. The process is very easy and for registration you have to pay Rs 401/-

Duration of the Internship- 01 July- 30 July, 2021

There are no specific timings. They send mails regularly about any assignments and task. Sir was very lenient.

On the first day itself I was asked to research and write on four different legal topics. The assignment was supposed to be completed in specific given structure and it has to be submitted on time. Initially I was very nervous about my work and internship but eventually everything got simple and easy to do and I finished it smoothly.

As it was an online internship Working from home was very independent feeling as there is no pressure of any high authority and you are allowed to work as per your comfort. Our main task was to complete assignments and tasks on time. Mostly they were related to drafting and research work. The work they assigned me was very interesting. It gave us the opportunity to explore many more interesting and unique topics. We were also asked to prepare a research paper on any legal issue.

Basically it was an offline internship, so could not say anything on the work environment. Sir was really very keen to help at any point of time. We had his phone numbers and Email Id and can contact him at any time. If you talk to him you will feel good.

For me the best thing is working from home, it releases your pressure and make you stress free which prevents you from under-performing. I did not find anything bad about Aaweg Charitable Trust.

No stipend. We should support this type of non profit organizations who are working for the social welfare.

If I talk about lesson then I’ll surely mention that I learnt to research properly and learnt drafting. Moreover, it was the adventurous month with lots of knowledge and good experience. I got to know the importance of many different and good legal issues.

Concluding everything, I would say overall it was an amazing experience of working or interning with Aaweg Charitable Trust. My very first internship went on excellently and all thanks to the Aaweg Charitable Trust for helping, assisting and guiding me at my work.

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