Internship Experience at Akhil Rexwal and associates.

Internship Experience at –


Name, University, Year-

Vani Pratap, LLOYD LAW COLLEGE, Greater Noida, 3rd Year

Name of the organization, City-

Akhil Rexwal and associates, Delhi High Court

Chamber No.-332 Saket court complex, new delhi.

Office at- J-09 Ayush Enclave, Badarpur near Mohan Estate Metro, New delhi

Application Process with Contact details-

There is no application process there in the court, one needs to contact the lawyer and approach him and ask for internship under whom they want to intern and I did that.

Contact No.- 9540737777

Duration of internship and timings

3 Months from 1st September,2018- 1St December,2018

10 a.m- 5 p.m Mon-Fri


No accommodation was provided there and I travelled by myself to the court whichever court sir told me as per his court proceedings and cases. Usually the matters were in high court and saket court.

Infrastructure and First day impression & Formalities-

Sir has chamber in delhi high court as well as in saket district court and also has an office near Mohan Estate.

It was my first day in his chamber in saket court, he introduced myself to his associates and co-workers and gave some files of High court to read and make a report on it. After reading the files he asked us to visit the court proceedings with him.

Main Tasks-

Main tasks included briefing about the cases, get the next date of hearing from the judge and appear in front of judge when sir was not there or have gone to any other court for work. Drafting letters and notices. Some days we were also asked to attend high court proceedings with sir as sir would take us with him to delhi high court.

Work Environment and people-

Work environment was very friendly and everyone there interacted with me so well. Even the clerks present there were quite friendly and they would ask if I wanted something to drink or eat and were really very helfull.

Best Things

Got to visit delhi high court frequently and see the proceedings there.

Bad Things

No bad things.

What did you do to chill? Co-inters, colleagues

In the free time we would just sit in the chamber and do chit chat with other interns and go to library.


This was an unpaid internship.

Biggest Lessons

Got to learn a lot from this internship about the high court and its workings and had an amazing experience there. Dress code should be formals casuals wont work there. You should try to talk to your seniors as much as possible to gain knowledge from them. Try and make contacts with your internship coordinators for long time periods. Please finish the alloted work in given time period, that creates a good impression.

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