This summer, I am interning at Aaweg Charitable Trust, where I applied by sending my cv to their email and received confirmation within 24 hours, and I have to pay Rs 401 for registration. It’s my first internship, and it’s a lot more than I expected in the best possible manner. So far, I’ve learned a variety of skills, including legal research and drafting. So far, my work has included writing on legal topics, researching on case laws, preparing news articles, and creating videos for presentations. Here, I was able to learn about a variety of laws, current legal news, and fascinating topics. The allocation was estimated to be finished in a particular framework and completed in a timely manner, which would be justified by the work.

Concerning the work, as a first-year student, I validated it by writing on legal topics, preparing research papers, news articles on current legal issues, major case briefs, opportunities for law students and video presentations that would aid the organization in its educational efforts.

The workload was light because it was an online internship. The primary objective was to finish the tasks within the allotted time frame. The authority was concerned about this, and whenever we require additional time due to any issues, they accommodate us. The head was very supportive, and he answered all of my questions timely and made the entire internship exciting. However, because we were amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there were many things I couldn’t do. The offline internship provided us with a proper working environment, practice, and much more, but this organization still assisted us in working as efficiently as possible.

In terms of my expectations for the remainder of my internship, I am excited to be learning more every day. I’ve been cooperating with a very talented organization, and I know that I wouldn’t have gotten as much experience as I have if I had been in a larger organization where interns might not have had the opportunity to be as hands-on as I have. This internship has provided me with even more practical experience. It has also provided the opportunity to learn and how I can use my talents to assist in a variety of ways.

I’d like to thank everyone at Aaweg Charitable Trust for giving me this opportunity and pushing me to do my best for the organization and assist them.

Pranjal Lakhera

1st year student, Institute of Law, Nirma University        

Intern at Aaweg Charitable Trust, Delhi

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