Online Summer Training by Students for Liberty

About the organisation

Students for Liberty is a rapidly growing network of pro-liberty students from all over the world. Their mission is to educate, develop, and empower the next generation of leaders of liberty. They are the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

They have accomplished this through a strategy of empowerment, identifying the top student leaders and training them to be agents of change in their communities.

What is the Local Coordinator Program?

Students For Liberty is the world’s largest network of pro-liberty students. Our focus in South Asia is to help students become informed and critical thinkers about ideas pertaining to the political economy of their nation.

An uninformed and passive exercise of thought leads to bad judgment, and bad judgment leads to support for bad policies.

The Local Coordinator Program is a platform for young liberal individuals to meet other like-minded people, learn more about the philosophy of liberty and assume leadership positions in the global students’ movement for liberty!


  1. Research Skills
  2. MS Office
  3. Communication and Language Skills
  4. Interest in Academics
  5. Curiosity and open-mindedness to learn about new ideas.

What Kind of Training Will You Get?

As an SFL Local Coordinator, you will have an enriching academic experience during your term.  Online summer training by Students for liberty is to give you a basic understanding of libertarian ideas on a few broad topics.

The most engaged students will be invited to attend a fully-sponsored retreat to spend a weekend with other Local Coordinators! Retreats are a great time to make new friends but students take away a better understanding of the ideas they learned in the summer.

The rest of the semester will be organised around learning more ideas and becoming better at articulating your views on issues that you care about! Environment? Women’s Issues? Privacy? Personal Liberty? Corruption? Education? You choose.


  • Most engaged leaders would be invited to all-expense-paid trips for leadership retreats as well as conferences like the Asia Liberty Forum.
  • Opportunity to be connected and associated with an international movement, consisting of a network of over 3000 students and 100s of partner organizations spread across the globe.
  • During one year of your tenure, you’ll be provided with resources and funds to organize events in your college and community.
  • Trained leaders will gain access to writing opportunities, leadership programs, internships, and all-year-round seminars and conferences with our international network of partners.
  • Certificates for all selected candidates subject to the successful completion of the one-year duration.

It’s time to #ExpressYourself: join our Local Coordinator Program!   Don’t miss the opportunity, apply on or before June 15, 2021. Kindly find the Local Coordinator Program application form

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