Internship Experience at Adlakha And Associates

Internship Experience at


Name, University, Year

Vani Pratap, LLOYD LAW COLLEGE, 5th Year

Name of the organization, City

Adlakha and Associates, advocates and legal consultant, Delhi High Court And Supreme Court of India.

Advocate R.S. Bansal, Chamber No- 122, 1st Floor, Lawyers Block, Saket Court Complex, new delhi.

Application Process with Contact details

There is no application process there in the court, one needs to contact the lawyer and approach him and ask for internship under whom they want to work and if they require any intern I did the same. Sir lives near my House so it was easy to approach him and ask for the internship.

Duration of internship and timings

1Month From 1st January,2021- 1st February,2021

10 a.m- 4p.m mon-fri


No accommodation was provided there and I travelled by myself to the court as it was 20 minutes distance from my home only.

Infrastructure and First day impression & Formalities

Saket court is very well segregated and very coherent in terms of its infrastructure and everything there.

In the chamber there were sir and his associates with him and some clerks. Chamber was well furnished and had enough space for us to sit and study. Sir welcomed me with a personal session about me and his career where we also learnt about the basic of the profession.

Main Tasks

Main tasks was to read court files and appear before the court with sir everyday. Also sometimes we had cases in high court and supreme court. He would give us the case files in advance so that we knew about the case facts in advance before the session.

Every day he used to teach us Criminal Procedure code which is one of the most important areas of law and the civil procedure code. Rather than an intern I was his student and he treated me as a student and guided me for everything in the areas I had any difficulty.

Work Environment and people

The work environment was very comfortable and everyone there in the chamber was very friendly and interactive with me. Both the sir and his another associate friend told me about their cases and helped me in understanding them. Although he taught us various aspects of law, I cherished the internship due to his motivational sessions a lot. He often use his cases to tell us life stories and how to deal with them.

Best Things

The learning and the court room experience which I had there. Friendly judges and some people also.

Saket select citywalk and the food there.

You get to even learn the basics which any other lawyer may or may not invest in you.

Bad Things

No bad things.

What did you do to chill? Co-inters, colleagues

After we finished our work or on some days when we didn’t had work we used to go to mall and do some shopping there.



Biggest Lessons

Court Room Ethics and biggest lessons learnt were the life lessons taught by our sir and how to deal with them in real life and in future also in the profession of law.

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