Internship experience at PUCL, New Delhi

Name, University, Year

Anonymous, 1st year, Galgotias University

Name of Organisation, City 

People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Delhi

Application Process with Contact details 

For applying in People’s Union for Civil Liberties one have to send the cover letter with updated resume at the office on I got my confirmation letter within two days. The process is very easy and for registration you have to pay Rs. 1000-/ at first day of joining.

Duration of Internship and Timings 

10 January – 28 February, 2020

On Monday the office remains closed. There are no specific timings. They send mails regularly about any event or classes and also there was no as such compulsion to attend the classes and events, at some events there was attendance system, but proxy also works there. Mam was very lenient.


I was residing at Greater Noida, so i went through metro. During internship most of the work was from home and we hardly have two or three meetings in a week

Infrastructure and First day impression & formalities

Being very honest, first impression was not very good. At first day I was not able to locate the office, I reached there with the help of Google Maps and then also there was a lot of confusion and there was no board on the road to show the direction and when finally I reached there I did not find the office very decent.

On the first day I was asked only to get registered and then for the next two days I was assigned no work, there was no contact between us and then after two days I went there and started to know about the programs.

In infrastructure PUCL office is very congested and its hard to settle with few people in the office for any meeting. All though office is small but people working their are very kind hearted and truly dedicated towards their work which matters a lot.

Main tasks 

Working from home was very independent feeling as there is no pressure of any high authority and you are allowed to work as per your comfort. Our main task was to visit Jantar Mantar and attend the classes in Gandhi Peace Foundation which was very fruitful to us. As they were regarding charges of the Sedition and we got the opportunity to attend the court proceedings.

We used to mainly write contents on various issues, after visiting several protests.

The work they assigned me was very interesting. Sir asked us to visit Jantar Mantar and prepare reports on various “dharnas”. He invited the interns at various conferences and seminars. I found those seminars very fruitful. Public conference on the death of the Justice Loya.

I also went to High Court of Delhi, Tis Hazari court. Watching proceedings in courts is obviously one of the best experiences for a first year student. I was asked to prepare a research paper on any human right issue.

Work environment and people 

Environment was friendly. My co-interns were active and belong to different universities. It was a good experience to interact with them and working with different people help you in learning and improve the communication skills.

Basically there was no such work to be done and if there was any then that had to be done from home, so could not say anything on the work environment. Ms. Babita madam at the office was very helpful. N.D.Pancholi Sir and Shalu Nigam were really very keen to help at any point of time.

We had there phone numbers and Email Id and can contact them at any time. If you talk to any one of them you will fill good.

Best things 

For me the best thing is working from home but it makes you little lazy. Attending meetings at Gandhi Peace Foundation was the best thing in internship as it gives the good experience. I got to know about the right to information act and I also filled one.

Bad things 

I did not find anything bad about PUCL. Only the infrastructure of the office was in poor condition that even few people cannot assemble there, except that there was no as such bad things. For me visiting Jantar Mantar and preparing reports on various useless protests (Not all the protests are sensible) was boring.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues 

You won’t get bored in Delhi. Co- interns were there from other NLUs and it was a great experience with new friends.


No stipend. We should support this type of non profit organisations who are working for the social welfare.

Biggest Lessons 

If I talk about lesson then I’ll surely mention that I learnt to travel alone and to face the world. Moreover, it was the adventurous month with lots of knowledge and good experience. I got to know the importance of right to information act.

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